What is Neck Aesthetics?

All plastic surgery procedures performed by plastic surgeons on the neck together with the face to eliminate the loss of young contours in the face and neck due to prolapses in the chin line, neck skin, muscles and other tissues in the neck due to the old age, heredity, environmental conditions, stress, sun rays, frequent weight loss and gain and gravity are called neck aesthetics. Aesthetic neck procedures are the surgical procedures generally preferred by women to have a thin, smooth, fresh and young-looking neck.

Neck Aesthetic Procedures

Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Professor Yazar is available in his private practice based in Nisantasi, Istanbul for appointments to provide detailed and tailored information on the procedure.

What is Neck Lifting?
Aesthetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons...

What is Jowl Aesthetics?
The adipose tissue around the neck, under the chin...

Neck Aesthetic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

It is against the law in Turkey for the healthcare organisations including private practices to indicate prices online for procedures, treatments or consultations. Please contact us by calling or texting 📱+90 541 334 3484 (WhatsApp available) or ☏ +90 212 257 1515 for the average cost of the procedure or any other enquiries related to the procedure. You need to send some photos to the Patient Care Coordinator to be examined by Professor Yazar to get the exact all-inclusive price.