What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

All of the aesthetic surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons to provide a more aesthetic appearance to the nose of the individuals or to correct the deteriorated nasal anatomy after various traumas define the rhinoplasty.Nasal aesthetics, also known as rhinoplasty medically, is one of the most applied medical aesthetic procedures worldwide. Through this surgical procedure the shape, length, and width of the nose can be changed. With the help of this procedure, which is highly preferred both in terms of health and aesthetics, patients may have a more robust nose belt. It can correct congenital or subsequent deformations of the nose and reshape the angle between the lip and nose. Important: The rhinoplasty requiring patients should be examined by the surgeon to decide whether the nose tissues are suitable for surgery or not. Nose aesthetic operations should be performed by experienced plastic surgeons who are specialists in their fields as a wrong intervention will have severe undesired results.

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Misco Baertschi, Switzerland, review on Google, February 2021, following rhinoplasty
It’s been a little more than 4 months since my nose surgery and I’m really happy. I would recommend Dr Yazar to everyone who wants a natural, type-appropriate and pretty nose. He and his team are very friendly and also take time for you after the treatment. Thank you very much.
Petra B., Switzerland, review by WhatsApp, February 2021, following rhinoplasty
I'm very happy about the result 😊👌. Many thanks to Dr. Sukru! He did it very well!